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Turn game recaps, awards, and team highlights into personalized press releases that are automatically matched and delivered to every athlete's hometown sports reporters.

Reach every athlete's former high school with those same personalized stories about student success

Publish athletic milestones to students' Merit pages online, right alongside their academic achievements, to demonstrate well-rounded athletes

Easily import and manage team rosters in Merit to multply your content creation efforts across an entire team, and see what other accomplishments your college is recognizing athletes for


One-click press release distribution of your existing content to every student-athlete's hometown newspaper and high school

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Athletics are a compelling source of stories that exemplify your campus spirit and the opportunities available to students.

With Merit, SIDs are connecting stories of every single current student-athlete directly to the people who care about them.

Merit's platform allows SIDs to repurpose existing athletics content into personalized stories about each student-athlete that are delivered right to their former high schools, the sports reporter at their hometown newspapers, their state legislators, their family and friends, and even to potential employers.

Demonstrate to external stakeholders the full picture of your student-athletes and their success, and collaborate with the rest of your campus in highlighting milestone accomplishments both on and off the field that showcase your student experience.


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Merit Weekly Digest
To: Christopher Williams, Principal
John Jay High School Weekly Alumni Update



April 19, 2016


Three alumni were recognized as all-conference athletes    >>read more

One alumnus was named to the womens volleyball team    >>read more

Two alumni were recognized for distinction as scholar athletes   >>read more

VIDEO: See how Merit connects the dots from high schools to colleges

"We are reaching a wider audience with Merit than ever before with stories about student athletes. Merit makes it quick and easy to connect with media."

-- Geoff Hassard, Assistant Director of Athletics
SUNY Oneonta

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Discover how Merit benefits efforts

Merit personalizes athletics content to showcase every student athlete and connect their story to critical stakeholders

Scale your reach just by repurposing existing content you already create and connecting it to customized audiences for each athlete

Merit easily personalizes stories about a few, a dozen, or hundreds of students and distributes them to each one's high school principal/counselors, state representatives, and hometown newspapers

Student-athletes can share their personalized story to social networks as a point of pride and a testament to your brand

Showcase the comprehensive impact of athletics on your campus, via the lens of individual students, and scale outreach to show important influencers how athletics benefits specific students they know

Join 250+ colleges who rely on Merit to make their communications efforts more meaningful:

...and hundreds more!

Merit makes your existing efforts more meaningful:

Publicize every student-athlete, not just the stars, by recognizing their roles. They can proudly display athletic achievements and academic one alongside each other on a personalized Merit page.

Enhance recruitment by sharing with high schools which of their alumni are excelling, not just as a member of a team, but also in the classroom or in extra-curriculars.

Engage local communities, even those far beyond your campus, by sharing the stories of their hometown residents succeeding on your teams. Generate news coverage in far away places with a "local student" hook.

Collaborate with campus peers and use Merit to discover what else your student-athletes are doing, like stuying abroad, volunteering, or succeeding in their chosen field of study.

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