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See how many and which of your current students attended each high school


Discover how many Merit updates about student accomplishments your institution has sent back to their former high school


Identify potential students to highlight in marketing materials or as ambassadors


Click on each student's thumbnail to view specific accomplishments they've been recognized for via Merit



Repeatably reach every high school you draw students from with positive stories of their alumni's success on your campus

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Connecting with high schools and showing personalized proof points of what their former students are now achieving at your institution is a powerful way to demonstrate your value. 

With Merit, institutions are doing this at scale, for every single student at every single high school they attended.

Each week, principals and guidance counselors at every high school in the country receive updates about their alumni from the hundreds of colleges using Merit, showing these influencers specific, positive outcomes of their former students.

Ensure that your college is part of the mix and that the high schools that send students to you are constantly reminded of what happens to their former students after they enroll. 


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Merit Weekly Digest
To: Christopher Williams, Principal
John Jay High School Weekly Alumni Update



April 19, 2016


Three alumni were recognized for induction into Phi Beta Kappa    >>read more

One alumnus was named a freshman leadership scholar    >>read more

Two alumni were recognized for earning a spot on the dean's list    >>read more

VIDEO: See how Merit connects the dots from high schools to colleges

"Merit is an invaluable way for our school to follow and promote the achievements of our alumni. Previously, we found it challenging to track our former students beyond high school. Sharing these stories of alumni success can inspire our current students to achieve, and it helps our school demonstrate our role in positive outcomes."

Ben McMurray
Ottawa Hills
High School

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Discover how Merit benefits efforts

Merit's dashboard gives you visibility into current students, where they went to high school, and their campus achievements

Distribute thousands of notifications of student achievement, customized for each high school featuring only their alumni

Merit easily personalizes stories about a few, a dozen, or hundreds of students, and matches those stories to the high school contacts in minutes

High schools receive a weekly email digest about specific alumni and their accomplishments on the campuses of colleges using Merit

Merit gives high schools better visibility into what happens to alumni after they leave, and which colleges are providing compelling opportunities

Join hundreds of colleges who are constantly reaching high schools with student success:

...and hundreds more!

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